The secret’s out…us Brits really are old romantics!

From as early as the 18th Century, British folk have been passing love notes on Saint Valentine’s Day, the day when even the coldest of hearts is melted. Now extravagant gifts to the hand made cards.

Whilst the Brits are generally seen as having a stiff upper lip with some of us loathed to hold hands in public, when it comes to spending on Valentine’s Day we may well put our more romantic French cousins to shame. Recession or not, we spent a huge £1billion on Valentine’s Day gifts last year. It must be that we prefer spoiling our loved ones in secret!

In my former career as a chef I used to dread Valentine’s Day. We would have to reconfigure the tables for twos only and devise a menu using all the well-known aphrodisiacs. The restaurant would always be full of whispers or worse total silence. No-one would overdo it on the drinks and the place would empty at 10pm!

It just so happens that my partner is also a chef by trade and he also celebrates his birthday on February 14th, so I gladly cook for him at home, avoiding the packed restaurants and menus packed with extra chili, avocado and oysters to get you in the mood!

My own choice would always be champagne and chocolates, a real treat especially in February after we made it through dry January. In fact Valentine’s Day if often the first time since New Year’s Eve that I’ll hear the pop of a Champagne bottle being opened.

Champagne & delicious salted caramel chocolate pearls

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