Corporate Hampers aren't just for Christmas!

The power of giving: connecting with your key clients throughout the year

As the height of summer beckons, across the country corporate Christmas parties and gifts will start being planned.  The annual Christmas gift to valued clients represents a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate to the client how valued they are and to share some festive cheer.  Here at Whisk Hampers, Christmas is one of our favourite times of year and we are proud to supply Christmas Corporate Hampers, Goody Bags and Gifts to some of the UK's leading brands.  We do, however, have a question for you...have you ever thought of the other gifting opportunities thatcan help you to connect with your client throughout the year?  Giving opportunities where your gift may have more impact and memorability purely because not everyone will be sending their gifts in one big festive glut?

Sometimes, when working with clients and your mind is on the deal in hand, deadlines and the pressures of the day to day, it is easy to let learning opportunities about your clients as people slip past, but it is these small details that if picked up on, celebrated or noted will show your client that you are really listening and see him/her as a person not just an anonymous business acquaintance.  This in itself will help you set yourself and your business apart from the umpteen other businesses trying to impress your client and will give your gift far greater stand out potential (and long term memorability)

So apart from the obvious festivities what types of occasions could be Corporate Hamper gifting opportunities? Well, it really doesn't have to be a big occasion - even just marking something that may have been mentioned in passing can be picked on up to push your relationship with your client on.  Don't worry, we're not suggesting lavish or extravagant gifts - something tasteful, appropriate and of a high quality will communicate the value you place on the relationship. The occasion could be anything that happens to be an event in your client's life or in the relationship that you have with the client's business but here are some ideas of opportunities to grasp and connect further with your client...

  • New job/promotion – join in the celebration when you hear directly or on the grapevine that a client is changing role
  • Milestone number of orders reached – draw attention to and celebrate a successful relationship with your client
  • Happy retirement/sorry you're leaving – just because your client is moving on doesn't mean this will be the end of your working relationship, a showing of appreciation here shows caring but pay also pay dividends in the future
  • Significant contract agreed – a celebration and a show of appreciation for continued custom will always be appreciated
  • New baby/wedding – personal occasions can be lovely opportunities to step away from the crowd and show your business to be the one that shares your client's excitement at whatever is happening in their life

A small but unexpected gesture will be appreciated by your client and, most importantly, will help you and your business stand out amongst your competitors throughout the year – so you see a hamper isn't just for Christmas!  At Whisk Hampers we are proud to help some of the UK's leading brands with their corporate gifts of all sizes - whether these are Corporate Hampers, Goody bags, or individual gifts.  We have years of experience in ensuring that the gifts our customers select accurately reflect the values of the giver and the value they place on the recipient.

For help and advice or a quick chat about making the most of your corporate gifting opportunities give Paul a call on 01483 211926 or email [email protected] - we'd love to help.

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