Champagne Gifts

Produced in the Champagne region of France this sparking wine is always seen at any special occasion. Perfect to toast the newly weds, an ideal way to celebrate a new home and ideal to share with a loved one on that special occasion. So we at Whisk Hampers have put together possibly the finest selection of well known (and not so well known but really special) bottles of your favourite fizz to send as a gift.

Champagne for Lovers

Champagne GiftsAre they getting married, celebrating an anniversary or toasting a special event in their life? Then amaze them with a Champagne gift that includes 2 flutes to sip their Champagne from.

Not only do we have a number of gifts that are paired with Champagne flutes but we also have gifts that come with Chocolates or Caviar.

This is sure to make their celebration a memorable one.

Champagne Brands

Grower ChampagneWe all know at least one brand of Champagne, but can you name one of the lesser well known ones that are still really special? In France, a guest would never turn up with a standard supermarket brand, instead they would impress their friends with their Champagne knowledge and surprise them with a bottle of Grower Champagne. Grower are a small scale Champagne producer, a boutique Champagne company and a company that champions small, artisan Champagne products. So if you are attending a dinner party, turn up with a bottle of Grower Champagne.

Champagne Big Brands

Moet et ChandonDom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot, or Moet et Chandon are three of the biggest Champagne Brands. Known by most these power houses of sparkling wine are a firm favourite at any special occasion.

At Whisk Hampers we have a truly massive selection of Champagne Gifts and Brands for you to choose from. Just take a look here. If you cant find it here, it doesn't exist.

Whatever occasion you are helping to celebrate, make it a special one with a Champagne gift from Whisk Hampers.

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