1963 Armagnac - 50th Birthday Present Idea

Are they turning 50 this year?

If you have been trying to think of a great 50th Birthday Present idea for someone who is turning 50 in 2013, a bottle of 1963 Armagnac is as close to perfect as you can get...

We have 2 different types of 1963 Armagnac here & another 1963 Armagnac here

The first;

The 1963 Armagnac Baron De Lustrac - Only the finest eaux de vie from the best terroirs create baron de lustrac vintage armagnacs. once distilled, they are aged in 420lt oak barrels inscribed with the year of distillation.

In cask the tannins impart their calming influence on the turbulent youth of the uncoloured eau de vie, in addition to lending it colour and flavour.

the colour can range from pale straw to rich amber and the oak and brandy react together throughout the ageing process developing the complex flavours and aromas of the finished product.

The Second;

The 1963 Armagnac Baron De Sigognac Brandy - In armagnac, legend has it that, one day long ago, baron de sigognac took all the traditional clocks out of his cellars. fascinated by the mystery surrounding the way armagnac ages, he had some very strange timepieces made. on these clocks, the face had ten divisions instead of twelve. the seconds had become years, the big hand moved only once a decade and the hour hand marked the centuries.

baron de sigognac had found the core of the mystery of armagnac…

the legend adds that, with time, baron de sigognac came to trust only his palate in telling the age of an armagnac. the clocks were left unwound.

baron sigognac himself had become the memory of his armagnacs.

So make someones 50th Birthday extra special this year with a bottle of Armagnac from there birth year!

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