New Years Resolutions

Aside from the usual New Years resolutions like lose weight, give up the cigarettes etc did you think about being more romantic in 2013?

As our relationships pass the so called honeymoon stage its easy for us to take our partners for granted. We forget to do the things we did when we first met, like buy some flowers, treat our loved ones to a gift or be spontaneous and show our affection in a different way.

So at Whisk Hampers we thought we'd give you three ideas on how to be more romantic this year. So once the wife had finished cooking your dinner, or in the ladies case, once the old man has done those pesky DIY jobs here's three ideas for you...

Breakfast in Bed

There's nothing better than a lazy Sunday lie in. How about taking that to the next level with Breakfast in bed! Why not make it breakfast for two with our His and Hers Breakfast gift set. That way you get to enjoy it yourself too.


You don't need to wait for a Special occasion! Champagne goes down a treat anytime of the year. Why not make up a reason to celebrate and take your loved one by surprise. We have a wide range of Champagne gifts for your made up day, call it what you will, Thanks for being you day, Thanks for washing my underwear day or Thanks for finally changing that light-bulb day :)

Feeling under the weather?

This year instead of just saying, get yourself down the Doc's if you feel unwell, be a little more thoughtful and buy a Get well Gift. Putting a smile on your partners face is far better than letting them suffer in silence. We've a whole range gifts that will make them feel a whole lot better.

We hope we've inspired you to be a little more romantic this year.

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