The Perfect Paella Kit - Paella Gift Set

The Perfect Paella Kit - Paella Gift Set

Each week on our blog we like to talk about products on our site that are great gift ideas, maybe ones that you may not have thought about as a gift before. So this week, we bring you the Perfect Paella Kit...

The perfect Paella Kit is aptly named, as it is the Perfect Paella Kit and fit for a King, or any food lover.

Perfect to treat yourself, or as a thoughtful gift for a food lover in your life, the Perfect paella kit contains only carefully sourced, excellent quality and exceedingly tasty ingredients that are guaranteed to add that certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to your hot, steamy and delicious dish.

This is one of our biggest selling products all year round, as it is packed with perfection for you to enjoy both in the kitchen and at your dinner table.

The Perfect Paella Kit - Paella Set Gift Idea Perfect Paella Kit - Great Gift Idea!

Including a classic recipe inside, and some truly exceptional ingredients from ‘Pimenton De La Vera Agridulce’ Paprika and Pure Saffron filaments to an authentic 2 person paella pan and Beachwood spatula it’s sure to delight all that come close.

To top the lot, this wonderfully tasty experience is finished off with a taste-bud tingling sensory treat we like to call Manzilla Sherry, which is included just so you can enjoy a chilled glass whilst creating your classic Spanish supper!

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