1952 Armagnac - 60th Birthday Present Idea

The Perfect 60th Birthday Present Idea!

2011 is over, and 2012 is here! With that, some great new gift ideas have arrived for people who's birthday will be a 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthday… A bottle of Vintage Armagnac that was ‘born’ on the same year! What could be a better 60th Birthday present idea?!

For someone that is turning 60 this year, a great 60th Birthday present idea, that can be enjoyed, savoured and appreciated is a 60 year old bottle of Vintage Armagnac.

1942 70th Birthday present idea


So, as a perfect 60th Birthday Present Idea, as with all our Armagnacs, they make a stunning present – a bottle of armagnac from the 1952 vintage, beautifully gift packaged in a wooden box with a personal handwritten message tag…

Only the finest eaux de vie from the best terroirs create baron de lustrac vintage armagnacs. once distilled, they are aged in 420lt oak barrels inscribed with the year of distillation.

In cask the tannins impart their calming influence on the turbulent youth of the uncoloured eau de vie, in addition to lending it colour and flavour.

The colour can range from pale straw to rich amber and the oak and brandy react together throughout the ageing process developing the complex flavours and aromas of the finished product.


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