Mussel Eaters - Clean hands whilst eating mussels!

Mussel Eaters - The Biggest Selling product of all time on the Whisk Hampers website, and we've never blogged about it! Crazy I know, so here it is folks!

This truly is the perfect present or gift idea for somebody who has everything...

Silver Plated Mussel Eaters and presentation box

These wonderfully presented silver mussel eaters are sure to not only to keep someone looking elegant and clean whilst devouring a scrumptious bowl of mussels, but are also great to for the 'wow' factor when giving to someone as a gift.

The 'why didn't I think of that' from your friends and family at parties will definitely make You feel like the bee's knee's and make them wish they had thought of it first!

Mussel eaters in bowl with Mussels

The alluring Mussel Eaters are a great looking accompaniment to mussels at any dinner party, and make it a delightfully convenient and clean way of pulling mussels from their shells, all to help ensure you enjoy your flavoursome mussels without getting covered in the jus during such a notoriously messy meal.

Silver Plated Mussel eaters great gift idea

Simply nip the mussel into the sprung mussel eater, pull, and enjoy. Et Voila!

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