Open Wine Bottle Preserver - Wine saver Christmas present idea

Its that time of the year again! Doesn't it come around so quickly!

Every year I seem to get stuck on what to buy, and don't we all...

At Christmas everyone loves wine, and there always seems to be a bit left over which we know will be wasted. Not anymore with the Wine Preserver!

We believe the Private Preserve Open Wine Bottle saver is the second most important wine accessory after the corkscrew, enabling unfinished bottles of wine, malt whisky, port, spirits or olive oil to be stored without spoiling.

Wine Bottle Preserver Ideal Christmas Present

After opening, Oxidisation alters the taste and bouquet of a bottle of open wine and preserving an open bottle can be challenging. Vacuum pumps and other products have been invented to solve this problem, but they do not effectively extract all the air from the bottle, so the wine can only be preserved for a few extra days.

Private Preserve has changed all this. The cannister contains a mixture of tasteless inert gasses which are non-flammable, non-toxic and environmentally sound. The odourless gasses (argon and carbon dioxide) lay an inert blanket on the wine, protecting it from oxidising until the next time it’s poured. Once the gas is sprayed in, just replace the cork and keep the bottle upright. Private Preserve will preserve for 8 weeks, even longer in most cases.

Decanter Magazine rated this product 10/10 and it's an essential accessory for any wine lover and a fantastic gift for any wine lover.

Take a look at the Open Wine Bottle Preserver here, it might be the best present you've found yet!

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