The Top five wine accessories - great gifts for wine lovers

We get so many people asking us for advice about wines, and accessories to go with their wines that we have decided to share our ideas with the world... I'm sure you will find it an interesting read...

Serving fine wine properly isn't just about what's in the bottle; having the right bits of kit can increase your enjoyment of wine (and its presentation) considerably.  So here are our five favourite wine accessories (and these wine essentials also make great gifts for wine lovers).


1. A Good Corkscrew

What's important when removing a cork (especially fragile corks in older bottles) is to ensure it comes out straight (and more importantly for you to look elegant whilst doing it!). A cheap corkscrew will often pull the cork out at an angle, vastly increasing the chances of it breaking. So what to chose? Well, a lot depends on your budget. At one end of the scale, the traditional Screwpull Corkscrew Waiters Friend has a hinged two-step system that works very well (there's a good reason all those waiters use them). If money is no option, consider one of Screwpull's Lever Corkscrews - the sleek Rotation Technology Corkscrew in Black Nickel finish works like a dream and looks splendidly fantastic.

Screwpull Quality Corkscrews

2. An Elegant Decanter

Decanting a wine serves two main purposes - filtering out the sediment from older wines and also aerating the wine, letting it warm and breathe, immediately improving the taste of Red (and some bigger White) wines.  A third reason to chose a decanter is one of aesthetics: an elegant decanter is a pleasure both to look at and handle, and we think the famous Austrian glass company Riedel makes some of the most beautiful decanters available including the wonderful Swan Decanter.

Glass Swan Wine Decanter by Reidel

3. A Wine Cooler or Bottle Sleeve


If, like us, you enjoy entertaining, then you don't want to be constantly jumping up and down to the fridge to replenish white wine and Champagne. However, you'll want to keep your wines ice cold, so a good Wine Cooler is essential (or a Champagne Bath if you have lots of friends). For alfresco dining, Screwpull's Wine Cooler Sleeves in range of contemporary colours will help you keep your cool in style.

Leather Handled Silver Wine CoolerWine Cooler Sleeve - le creuset

4. A Private Preserve Wine Saver

If you've opened a special bottle of wine and don't want to drink the whole thing in one go, your options are limited. Oxidisation alters the taste and bouquet of a bottle of open wine and preserving it can be a challenge. Vacuum pumps and other products have been invented to address this problem, but they don't extract all the air from the bottle so the wine can only be preserved for a couple of days. Private Preserve changes all that by allowing you to place a blanket of inert gas on the wine, preventing oxidisation until the next time it's poured. - Making your bottle of Opened wine last for a very long time indeed!

Decanter Magazine rated the Opened Wine Bottle Preserver 10/10 and so it's an essential accessory for any wine lover.

Private Reserve Wine Preserver

5. A Classy Bottle Stopper

Once you've given your bottle longevity with a squirt from the Private Reserve, rather than jamming the cork back in, why not reach for an elegant Silver Plated Wine Stopper?  And, if you really can't bear to share, a Combination Lock Bottle Stop with its four digit combination code is a fun way to ensure no one gets their hands on your special bottle.

Bottle Stoppers

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