Hungry heart Valentines - Champagne and Caviar



everybody's got a hungry heart...


Love and affection have been celebrated on February 14th ever since Pope Gelasius I established Valentine’s day way back in 500AD (notwithstanding a brief blip in 1929 when Al Capone chose the date to ‘take out’ the opposition…and we’re not talking a candle-lit dinner with complimentary glass of Champagne)


It doesn’t matter how you celebrate: it could be breakfast in bed, cocktails for two, chocolates or the ultimate luxury, Caviar & Champagne. Just make sure you don’t forget or you may find yourself in the middle of your very own Valentine’s Day Massacre…

love cocktails?

the crucial cosmopolitan kit


love chocolates?

pink champagne & no.14 caramels

love caviar?

sevruga, oscietra & beluga

caviar in a range of sizes

whisk founder Paul Medhurst meets the makers:

what magic is conjured up in a factory in Kent?...

An industrial estate in Kent is the unlikely home to L’Artisan du Chocolat and its inspirational founder,

Gerard Coleman.

As a true artisan, Gerard insists on the very best ingredients available and this quest for perfection has led him to be one of the few UK chocolatiers to control the whole process from bean to bar, conching and refining his chocolate from carefully selected cocoa beans.

Soft centres are created by infusing cream with fresh herbs, flowers, spices, nuts and fruits (actually pretty much anything he can get his hands on), and an impressive array of gadgets

achieve things impossible with the human hand, whether it’s injecting a fruit filling into the middle of a wafer thin chocolate disc or creating a perfect sphere of thin chocolate whilst, at the same time, filling it with liquid caramel.

These Sea-Salted Caramels have become Gerard’s bestseller, and now come in a range of flavours including Banana, Balsamic Vinegar and, our own favourite, Sage & Thyme. The latest, Passion Fruit, comes just in time for Valentine’s day....I've tasted them and I think I'm in love...

this month we are enjoying...

breakfast in bed...

Breakfast in bed is one of life's great simple pleasures, and making it for your loved one on February 14th is guaranteed to get the day off to a great start. For extra brownie points, present the toast in one of our heart-shaped toast racks, or why not go the whole hog with a Breakfast in Bed box? we’ve done most of the work (but you get to take all of the credit)…



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