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the great getaway

There's no denying, nothing quite beats the taste of the Mediterranean to let you know you're on holiday. We can't offer you poolside relaxation, neither can we guarantee the weather, but we have got everything you need to give your taste buds a sensational vacation from the old routine.

Let one of our hampers take you on a mouthwatering journey. The Tantalising Tapas Kit and The Perfect Paella Kit will transport you to the shores of Spain, La Dolce Vita conjures up the Italian classics and The French Connection takes you on a trip down French food's memory lane. So, put on your shades, open the parasol and tempt the Mediterranean into your kitchen.

taste of spain...

the tantalising tapas kit

french favourites...

the french connection

the italian job...

la dolce vita

whisk founder Paul Medhurst meets the makers:

what goes on down a dusty lane in Modena

A couple of months ago I took my family, in a Camper Van, on an adventure through Italy. As well as the usual holiday stuff we also made some exciting (for me anyway!) detours via some of my favourite suppliers.

Two things struck me when we arrived at Giuseppe Giusti (located down a dusty lane on the outskirts of Modena). The first was an acidic tang in the air and the second was the way my shoes stuck slightly to the seemingly spotless floor.

Both give a clue to the product made here - Balsamic Vinegar. It's almost as if the Balsamic has entered the very fabric of the building and, given its

heritage, perhaps that shouldn't be surprising. The ascieta was founded in 1605 and its charming MD, Claudio Steffani, is the 17th generation of his family to run the business (the first to put down on paper a recipe for the local speciality now appreciated the world over).

The real magic takes place in the attic where the aceto balsamico ferments in barrels dating from the 17th Century - concentrating in the stifling summer heat and maturing during the cold winter months.

As well as a salad dressing, try it on asparagus, strawberries or even vanilla ice-cream. Delicious!
Best, Paul.

this month we are enjoying...

fabulous fruits de mer

The summer and shellfish go hand in hand, so why not find your sea legs and cook up a pot of moules or recreate a plateaux de fruits de mer chez vous. Our Silver Plated Mussel Eaters and Deluxe Seafood Set bring a little glamour to the art of crustacean extraction! Prefer to leave the shucking to...


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